How to choose a formal dress according to body shape?

Here are visual dressing tricks that apply to your formal look as well as casual wear

Girls, have you come across the following problem: you love amazing formal dresses for a very special occasion like a wedding or a fancy birthday party, but that dress doesn’t suit your figure. And instead of emphasizing the things you like about your body, the exact opposite happens – it emphasizes the imperfections. Accordingly, the whole effect of the wonderful dresses goes to the cinema.

In the following lines, we at Mijel will set out to give you some practical tips on how to choose the right formal dress for your individual body shape. The goal is for the dress to visually emphasize everything you like about yourself and to “hide” the flaws.

This information is especially useful in cases where you are choosing your formal wear online and you do not have the opportunity to try on before purchasing.

And these are universal tricks that will help you in the future to choose a cut and model that suit your figure. And this is important to feel special.

Inverted Triangle Bodycon Dress

In this figure, the center of gravity falls on the upper body. If your figure is like this, then you have broad shoulders, a thin waist and a pelvis even narrower than the waist, and the body tapers in the lower part. So your figure is an inverted triangle and the symmetry is broken.

If your body is like this, then you are very special, because only about 5% of women have such a body. When choosing a dress for an “inverted triangle” figure, you should bet on creating a visual balance between the upper and lower part of the body.

The idea is to create an optical impression of symmetrical sexy curves.

Choose a dress with “dressed” shoulders and dark colors on the top, and with elastic material on the bottom, which will give you a nice curve to emphasize the hips.

You can also bet on the V-shaped or square neckline, as well as elastic fabrics that will visually expand the body in its lower part. Choose a dress with a straight silhouette bottom that will accentuate the hips.

You can draw attention to a thin waist by wearing a dress that accentuates it and creates a sense of balance between the upper and lower body.

Hourglass Dress

This is definitely the most desirable body type. If you have a body shape where the waist is thin, the circumference of the chest is equal to the circumference of the pelvis, and they form a symmetrical hourglass shape, then you are sexy lucky girl. However, finding a party dress that accentuates your gorgeous curves can be a daunting task. The first rule of hourglass is to accentuate those sexy curves instead of hiding them. Therefore, the accent should fall on the thin waist – it is the focus, so that the shoulders and hips also stand out. Choose a dress that has the following elements: a plunging neckline, stretch fabric around the body, a pencil dress bottom, accented with a belted waist, and any other accents that accentuate your feminine curves. Stay away from saggy and loose silhouettes of dresses, which will create additional volume and hide the pleasant curves of the body. This also applies when choosing a casual dress.

Banana Dress

If your shoulders, chest, hips and waist are the same width, then you have a “banana” body type. The main thing when dressing this figure is to emphasize the waist and visually distinguish it from the new on the hips and bust. The special occasion dress you choose should have elements or cut that emphasize the waist. When choosing casual clothes, try to visually shape the feeling of the waist.

Pear Body Shape Dress

This is the most popular body shape among ladies. The typical female body shape, in which the lower part of the body is visually more voluminous than the upper part. With this body shape, the shoulders are narrower than the hips and the secret of dressing is to choose a beautiful dress that optically adds volume to the shoulders and narrows the fanch, so that visual symmetry is obtained. The dress should elongate your silhouette and optically narrow your hips, hips and legs. To draw attention to the upper body, opt for a dress with a light upper body, or highlight your slender shoulders with an asymmetrical one-sleeve top. Love a formal dress with an interesting top with ruffles around the shoulders or other type of accents to add volume.

Rectangle Body Shape Dress

Ladies who have this body shape are athletic, but their body does not have many curves, as the waist is not clearly defined and the shoulders are at the same level as the pelvis.

A dress for this type of figure should emphasize the waist, define it with visual effects or a delicate belt. Other important highlights, of which at least one must be present in the dress, are: a plunging neckline, a pencil lower body with a slit to show off your legs. Accentuate a dress that visually shapes the pelvis.

Scoop Body Shaper Dress

With this body shape, the hips are wider than the bust level, your waist is defined, but the hips definitely stick out. Since the hips are more prominent than the rest of the body, you should emphasize the upper body, including the waist and shoulders. Straight dress bottoms and pencil bottoms are best for this figure.

Diamond Dress

In the diamond shape, the pelvis is wider than the waist, bust and shoulders. The waist is not defined and is often the widest part of the body. The secret to finding the right dress for a diamond figure is for the dress to create optical volume around the shoulders, bust and optically reduce the volume of the lower body. It is good to emphasize the waist with a thin belt or through the cut.

Apple Dress

With this body shape, the chest and hips are on the same level, but the hips are noticeably smaller than the circumference of the shoulders. The arms and legs of this type of figure are well formed, the bust is of medium size. The problem area is the waist, on which the volume falls and there is practically no waist.

Choose a dress that shows off your lovely shoulders, arms and legs and draws attention away from the bulkier waist area. Thus, your body will look more proportionate and feminine.

We’re sure these tips will help you find the cocktail dress that best suits your body and unique look.

If you still have doubts about whether the chosen dress will be suitable for your figure, contact our fashion consultant at

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