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The dress is the garment symbolizing absolute and timeless femininity. You girls also love formal dresses and casual dresses very much and that’s why MIJEL becomes your favorite brand for the most feminine garment – the dress.

It was you lovely girls who made us put our focus on her majesty THE DRESS.
MIJEL‘s island mission is to create beautiful dresses for modern princesses like you. I want to create dresses for each of you: long dresses, short dresses, summer dresses, winter dresses, lace dresses, sequin dresses, neoprene dresses, chiffon dresses, tricot dresses, crystal dresses, leather dresses, tulle dresses, bodycon dresses, cut out dresses and many more combinations. We guarantee that you will want a dress here for even the most discerning taste and style, and we wish you a pleasant journey into the kingdom of dresses.

Why choose a dress by MIJEL?
We want to create unique dresses that other brands can copy and fail. The dresses in the MIJEL online store are appreciated because they are all made of carefully selected fabrics, and particular precision and attention have been put into the models. Our dresses are unique because they are created with precision to every little detail and with a lot of love for you, dear ladies.

Why choose MIJEL dresses?
Our main models emphasize your femininity and sexiness in the most perfect way;
Because they are a symbol of quality, style, and elegance;
Because our fabrics are so fine that your skin feels a soft velvety sensation;
Therefore, you will receive a personal consultation on the selected dress model and sizes;
Because you’re shopping at a boutique – the dress arrives with an option for review and test, and if you don’t like how you look with it, we can exchange it for another one or return it and get your money back.

How to order a dress from MIJEL?
You can easily buy a dress in several ways. One option is to order online by selecting a dress from www.mijelstore.com and selecting the order button. The other option is by calling +359 897 91 55 71 or by selecting the quick order button from your mobile phone. The third option is in front of our profiles on the social networks Facebook and Instagram.