Fashion trends for Winter 2023 from MIJEL

Fashion trends for Winter 2023 from MIJEL

MIJEL is a Bulgarian brand specializing in limited-series boutique women's clothing. The brand was created ten years ago but has been active in the Bulgarian market for six years. The models with the brand's label are aimed at ladies who want to have a distinctive wardrobe with a preserved signature. They need to be noticed, they are confident in themselves, and they do not compromise with their style or the quality of their wardrobe. The models in the MIJEL portfolio have classic silhouettes combined with strong and memorable accents. The quality of the materials and the fine touch of every detail of the garment have become the brand's trademark.

Today we will focus on the trends that the MIJEL brand is betting on for this season, which are in line with the trends present on the global fashion podium.


His Majesty's nude color

The current color of the season is autumn/winter 2023. Nude shade has no intention of leaving the catwalks for the last two years and is prevalent in the autumn/winter fashion line of MIJEL.

The brand relies entirely on classic colors, which, as we like to say, are eternal and never go out of style. The models of the brand can easily be combined, both for everyday life and for the evening, and this is achieved with the combination of accessories and shoes according to the occasion.


Opt for a white shirt that goes with everything.

We notice an interesting reading of the white classic shirt in different variations. The white shirt is one of the "must-have" items in a woman's wardrobe. This winter, the white shirt is worn with sleeveless dresses under a bustier or slightly hinted, but extremely stylish, jacket or coat.

Whatever combination you wear, a white shirt always guarantees a super stylish business look.

Satin is a true classic

A favorite fabric for many designers this winter is satin in all its variations. MIJEL focuses on combining satin with original accents such as striped stitching, knots, and other details aimed at emphasizing the feminine shapes of the silhouette. The quiet luxury of satin and its ability to add elegance has long made it a true classic among fabrics.

Dress code: “Trench Coat”

Dress code: “Trench Coat”

An iconic and undisputed symbol of English elegance and culture and an essential part of French style, the trench coat is an absolute favorite of trendsetters, stylists, designers, and all of us. MIJEL offers somewhat different variations of the trench coat for every style and taste. One option is a long trench coat in a neutral shade, a classic silhouette with a length just above the knee, an elegant belt, and an edge all over with a beautiful pastel. Next is a couture model trench coat with a complex design that is spectacular and memorable. Waves of fabric run across the front, back, and shoulders, and the bottom has a classic trapezoid cut. Opt for a trench coat, combine it with sunglasses, and your Hollywood star look is guaranteed.

Lycra-clad femininity

Until a few years ago, lycra was mainly used for sports equipment and comfortable clothes; today, this material is one of the most current trends in the clothing of all famous actresses, stylists, and influencers. Lycra is no longer the casual fabric we remember. Models created from lycra are feminine, elegant, and comfortable, and make you feel like a second skin.

For the Fall/Winter 23 season, bet on classic models that can be combined with different styles of other clothes and accessories so that your look is suitable for everyday life and formal occasions as well.

Whatever fashion trends you choose this season, the important thing is to feel stylish, comfortable, and warm.