We are extremely happy and thank you for your interest in our brand! It will be a real pleasure for us to partner and develop together!

We at MIJEL try to take extremely good care of the end customer, putting a lot of emotion and energy, from the creation of the product to its packaging.

Interested in partnering?

Interested in partnering?

Do you have a physical or online store?

We at Mijel can offer you:

  • Preparation of an individual offer of the products selected by you without limitation in product selection;
  • A permanent assortment of products, new models and the opportunity to develop and generate good turnover;
  • Goods in stock without additional extended periods and waiting for delivery;
  • Delivery to any part of the country;
  • Advertising materials and gifts for customers (at the request of the customer);
  • Advertising photos of the products.

Our conditions before sending you an offer are

Send us an E-mail with the following information:

We at Mijel can offer you:

  • Information about the company: MALL, EIC, ADDRESS;
  • Your names, phone, email;
  • Information about the physical or online store where MIJEL models will be offered;
  • The name of the brands with which models from MIJEL will be offered in parallel / or a store fully stocked with our products;
  • Photos of the physical store / website URL;
  • Link to pages in the object's social networks
Our conditions before sending you an offer are

If we already have partners in your locality, we cannot grant you the right to offer our products, due to the possibility of creating unfair competition.

Send your inquiry to

If approved for partnership, you will receive a response within a few days! Thank you for your interest, we look forward to your inquiries!