How was the idea for the MIJEL brand born?

Hello! My name is Mihaela Zheleva, and I am the creator and owner of the MIJEL brand. The idea for MIJEL was born extremely spontaneously and naturally. My early dream was not to start a fashion business, but as MIJEL evolved, my curiosity about developing new models, managing brands, and learning about every aspect of incomplete development drove me to keep moving forward and seeking out the novel.

MIJEL is a vast world where the adventures never end, and as it's developing, it's becoming more attractive to me. It is a passion that, if it burns inside you, burns brighter with each passing day.


What inspires you as a designer when creating patterns?

As cliche as it sounds, inspiration is all around me. Everything is an inspiration to me: our clients, the work environment, dating, traveling, and getting to know different cultures; momentary emotions that pass through me; and different experiences. Sometimes inspiration comes from a certain need for something I want to have in my wardrobe. After all, I'm a woman too.

How strong is the impact of the temporary fashion trends on your models?

It's a matter of perspective. For me, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Temporary trends are a good concept; many of them become evergreen models, but unfortunately, most of them are detrimental to fashion. The policy of our brand is to try to be in the middle, to look for the aesthetic balance—sufficiently current models, including the current trends, but with a touch of classics and the obligatory detail of MIJEL's handwriting.

Do you have ambitions to impose the brand outside the country?

Yes, of course, and we have been working with the whole MIJEL team on this strategy for quite some time. Entering the foreign market is a serious goal and requires much more effort and strategizing, which is a motivating challenge. That is great; it makes us go forward because we are setting even higher goals. Because of the high requirements we have to meet, we are fighting to improve many units related to the entire work process as we cover all European requirements. That takes time.