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Formal dresses


Why Mijel is such a revered brand when choosing a formal dress?
A wide variety of formal dresses for your prom, Christmas, or New Year’s party, your flawless look at your best friend’s wedding, or just your amazing birthday party. Among Mijel’s designer evening dresses, you can find a dress that will attract attention and make you irresistible. Our boutique dresses are for life’s most special moments. Then, when it is most important for you to emphasize your radiance, sexiness, and impeccable style, MIJEL will be by your side exactly in those moments. Therefore, in the categories of women’s online you will find short dresses, summer dresses, winter dresses, and summer dresses plus our new women’s accessories for them.

We offer you amazing designer dresses in limited stock, made with attention and love to the smallest detail, a combination of fine fabrics that will make you feel like a princess.
How Mijel formal dresses are made and why they are so special?
We at MIJEL try to create formal dresses with various combinations of fabrics and patterns. We love spectacular and stylish fabrics, and other interesting accents such as sequin dresses, jersey dresses, lace dresses, and tulle dresses, as well as by-cut – bodycon dresses, cut-out dresses, long dresses, and short dresses. Of course, we offer casual dresses, which you can look at in our catalogs and choose the right summer dresses and winter dresses for you.

Why choose a formal dress from MIJEL?
Each model is unique, and our collections are in limited quantities
We create the dresses with great care and attention to detail
Our models and fabrics are up to date with the latest global high-fashion trends
Guarantee of quality and feeling of comfort when you wear our dresses
Each dress arrives with a “view and test” option, and you can exchange or return it if you don’t like it or have a problem with the size.

How to choose and order a formal dress from Mijel?
Choose a formal ball gown, bridesmaid dress, or dress for another special occasion. Wearing a formal dress created by Mijel, you will always be beautiful and amazing!
In our women’s online boutique dress shop you will find sizes from XS (88-92cm) to XL (96-106cm) bust and hip. The model Zlatka is 175 cm tall. Don’t be afraid to ask about the sizes of the sockets provided.
Mijel’s team is available for your questions by phone +359 897 91 55 71 and by email: info@mijelstore.com. Free delivery on orders over BGN 200. Every shipment from MIJEL arrives with review and test options, which means that if you don’t like how you look in the dress, you can exchange it for another one or get your money back.