MIJEL and TOUCH BY MIJEL launched a bohemian summer

In the new collection of both brands, the style is slightly boho, but also very feminine

This year summer starts earlier than usual. It cannot be otherwise, because we are insanely thirsty for strong, warm, all-consuming emotions after the many lockdowns and the wet winter.

MIJEL and TOUCH BY MIJEL join forces in creating the design of the new summer collection START SUMMER’21 .

It includes only a few, but limited models of elegant dresses , boho-style shirts and plaid summer pants, and the two brands promise to only mark the beginning of summer and yet to surprise you with more extremely interesting stylish fashion proposals.

One thing’s for sure, these designs are textbook Spring/Summer 21 trends.

Stylish shirt in boho style made of fine cotton and embroidered flowers

Once you touch this shirt , falling in love is inevitable! Its cotton softness delicately gently caresses the skin, and the feeling is like the reincarnation of a summer goddess. It is a must addition to your summer wardrobe and will be the “queen” after your summer clothes.

An amazing boho shirt by Mijel and TOUCH by Mijel artfully compliments itself with short shorts or jeans, and is absolutely suitable for a beach outfit that will attract all eyes.

The STAR THE SUMMER shirt will make you addicted. We guarantee!

Nautical stripe in an extremely feminine reading

Summer dresses should whisper about sea, sun, sky and amazing experiences. As with all of your elegant, summery clothes , we had to specify.

What more summery pattern than the eternal blue and white, symbiotically intertwined in the iconic and dreamy sailor stripe? And when you add fine cotton fabric, sewn-on embroidered flowers and an extremely subtle and feminine silhouette to the trendy combo, you get this incredibly ethereal dress.

It is one of those dresses with a universal character, an infinitely elegant dress that can be worn with both sports shoes and heels.

A dress that whispers of summer adventures and countless seaside dreams come true!

Blue like the sky, the sea and ….this dress

Blue is that extremely free-spirited color without which summer simply cannot exist.

MIJEL combines this fabulous TIFANY shade with a floral motif, sun-reflecting silver threads and an ultra-feminine loose silhouette to “happen” the perfect summer dress.

This blue summer dress is an extremely attractive, elegant short dress for your unforgettable summer.

The bouffant sleeves, the hidden elastic that elegantly cinches the waist, and the so-so enchanting kurtis that garnish the style in a particularly fantastic way, are just some of the little MIJEL accents that make you want to have them.

A short, summery dress signed by MIJEL that promises admiring glances and sighs.

Elegance with bold accents

Embodying our eternal love of geometric elements and that hidden desire for clothes that exude a stylish casual mirage.

This sophisticated sailor-striped dress, with bold lace accents on the cuffs and a silhouette that follows the curves of the body thanks to a delicate ribbon belt, is everything you’ll need in your summer wardrobe.

Decided in the impeccable style of the sophisticated stripe, carrying a touch of the pajama trend, this super stylish and elegant dress quietly whispers to us: “The sea is not fiction, and happiness exists!”

Have you fallen in love with this style yet?! Don't forget that this is just the beginning of Summer'21 and more elegant dresses and sporty-elegant clothes are waiting for you, which will pleasantly surprise you.

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XS 86/90 58/62 88/92 60
S 88/92 62/66 92/96 61
M 90/94 66/70 96/100 62
L 92/96 70/74 100/104 63
XL 94/98 74/78 104/108 64

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