Make your fairy tale come true with a unique dress from PRINCESS STORY by MIJEL

Before you is an amazing collection that brings together the best of MIJEL’s elegant and feminine style. We present to you a collection of dresses for princesses – PRINCESS STORY.

This is a collection of  formal dresses that tells a captivating story of real princesses on prom night: inspired and radiant! PRINCESS STORY is the latest, as always completely original, collection of  dresses  by  MIJEL , which carry the vitality, innocence and purity of youth, and at the same time, in them, every girl is transformed into a sophisticated noble lady and the smile does not leave her face! The dresses from the PRINCESS STORY collection are made of high-quality fine fabrics: silk chiffon, satin, tulle, georgette, in combination with delicate French lace or 3D lace with glittering elements and sequins for even more splendor. The choice of colors is not random, but only aims to emphasize the natural beauty of its owner: current flesh, pale pink and peach, gentle or deep dark blue, classic black or pearl white, lovely silver or gold.

The splendor of tulle


There is magic in this so delicate and gorgeous fabric, which  MIJEL  captures and recreates in gorgeous  formal dresses , richly decorated with tulle in delicate colors for princesses.

The tulle adds tenderness but also regalness to the radiance. With these  dresses  , you will be a real princess in the most special moments of your life – prom, your best friend’s wedding, your birthday or any other special moment of your life.

Fantasy of lace


Her majesty lace is part of the most feminine and gorgeous dresses.

Lace in a pale, peachy orange is true magic that excites the senses. We can’t miss the classic lace net in black, giving an irresistible fatality.

Embroidery for classic opulence


In the most special moments of your life, choose  a dress in pale pink  color with delicate, butterfly embroidery or  floral embroidery in black, showered with glitter . Divine femininity!!!

Glitter in gold and silver


Some princesses choose to emphasize their opulence and their gorgeous  dress by showering it in glitter of gold and silver. Royalty, splendor and luxury!

Each dress carries a message – a reflection of the limitlessness of dreams and the splendor of the festive night!

With the PRINCESS STORY dress by MIJEL, without a magic wand, every girl becomes an exquisite princess!

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XS 86/90 58/62 88/92 60
S 88/92 62/66 92/96 61
M 90/94 66/70 96/100 62
L 92/96 70/74 100/104 63
XL 94/98 74/78 104/108 64

Мерките са приблизителни и служат за ориентир.

Дължината, ширината, обиколка на различните дрехи варират според модела, но са създадени да прилягат на тела с мерки, сходни на посочените в таблицата.