I love dresses, but it’s WINTER?!

Check out MIJEL's suggestions for winter dresses that will keep you warm and irresistible at the same time

Yes, girls, we know that winter is not your favorite season (for most of you). It’s cold, it’s gloomy, there may be beautiful snow, but it’s still not your season. Also, in the winter, we wear very thick clothes, and we cannot show our femininity, as if part of our radiance and charm has disappeared under the layers of clothes we are wearing.

We have good news for you: MIJEL's winter dresses are the magic dose of femininity you need during the chilly winter days.

MIJEL dresses are specially designed for cool weather and that’s why the fabrics are warm, comfortable, soft, imitation knits, which are at the same time fine and soft to the touch, so your skin loves them. Non-standard accents of lace, curls
or asymmetric elements complete your stylish look.

The silhouettes of the dresses intended for winter are slightly looser

The purpose of winter casual dresses is to be as comfortable as possible, but also to emphasize your feminine silhouette and the curves of your body, so that you feel irresistibly attractive, sexy and desirable.
The colors of MIJEL ‘s winter dresses are mainly in the cold range, completely in tune with winter, but at the same time there are playful shades of pale pink, orange, cream blue and the classic, irresistible flesh color.

Sweater dresses are also a great option for a standout look

These dresses are fitted with a polo collar and create the feeling of very sophisticated style and casual elegance.

MIJEL dresses are designed to impress, to make every moment with them special, and the brand’s winter dresses are no exception. They cannot be exactly defined as casual and formal, as they can be worn with or without an occasion, depending on the shoes and accessories they are paired with. This is an amazing advantage, because imagine wearing your favorite dress during the day and at the end of the working day, you change the accessories and you are ready for a formal dinner, a birthday party or any other festive occasion that happens to be in winter. And of course, let’s not forget that these dresses created for cool weather carry many of the fashion classics, but each one of them is unique, created with the specific signature of MIJEL.

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Мерките са приблизителни и служат за ориентир.

Дължината, ширината, обиколка на различните дрехи варират според модела, но са създадени да прилягат на тела с мерки, сходни на посочените в таблицата.