Glitter and confetti on the festive night!

A little sparkle in our vision on an appropriate occasion can only emphasize our beauty, distinguish us and lift our mood even more. And what more glitter-prone occasion than a Christmas party or New Year’s celebration? If we can afford a little more sparkle in our outfit and a more “starry” look, then we can do it.

Lace and glitter from Mijel for a star look


Lace is the epitome of classic sophistication in a dress. It has been present in outfits since the time of court ladies and has remained a favorite material throughout the centuries until today, when it is once again a favorite of designers and representatives of the fairer sex. In the “Glamour” holiday collection, we bring to your attention several dresses made either entirely of lace or accented with this romantic fabric. The icing on the cake in this collection is the Fine Sparkle dress, which combines a specially treated tulle skirt in soft pink and a lace bustier in classic black lace with interesting embellishments. Our favorite Black Fantasy is entirely in black lace, and the design of this dress makes it extremely gentle and frivolous. You can’t go unnoticed with these dresses, but that’s not the most important thing, the most important thing is,

Little black dress

No matter what we say, the little black dress is an absolute must for every lady’s wardrobe. Why? Because it is irreplaceable, because it is immeasurable, because with the right accessories it can be used for a more formal dinner, a cocktail, a party or a glamorous formal event. In the “Glamour” collection, this is the Femme Fatale dress: a bold, classic straight dress, but with exceptional shoulder accents that instantly capture attention. With this dress you will be elegant at the celebration and the cocktail party, with this dress you make a statement, with this dress you don’t take any chances, it is a sure trump card for a stylish look.

Lolita look

There are ladies who love gentle tones and do not betray their preferences even when everything around them is in dark outfits on the festive night. The dresses in pale pink from MIjel’s current, exclusive, glamorous collection are made just for them. Check them out here and just imagine yourself in a look as delicate as a flower

Let’s talk straight

Stripes are the new dots. Everyone likes them – they lengthen the silhouette, emphasize the lines of the body, and standing out against a given background, they can combine different colors without crossing the border of good taste. Our two white striped dresses are a real favourite. Yes, they will be great with high heels, but not just any, they would look like a real work of art in high heels in a bright color, we leave it all to your imagination, but we go further and we assure you, they would also look great with ankle boots, but can you imagine them with a bracelet with geometric elements?

Fine stardust in its purest form

To talk about real sparkle in an outfit, it inevitably means to mention light-reflecting details. We’ve got not 1, but 2 such sequined dresses in a delicate, stylish color that will turn heads. If we look at these dresses, we imagine cheering bells and bubbles of champagne in crystal glasses. That’s right, we are inspired by your special moments and glad that the result is beauty for you.

The pearl in the crown-Royal Black

We left the place of honor to the only long dress with a royal flair. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, it’s stylish, and we want you to have it because it’s like a fairy tale with a magical beginning and ending. This dress is aerobatics, it is for ladies who know what they want and achieve it boldly looking to the future.

Mijel-Glamour Collection

It is a limited collection for glamorous moments, created to emphasize feminine beauty and contribute to festive emotions with a pinch of glamour. Mijel once again stays true to herself and creates a mini-collection of elegant dresses especially for the holidays at the end of the year. It is good for a lady to know that she is wearing a beautiful outfit, made of quality and pleasant to the touch fabrics, from the latest collection of a young Bulgarian designer who has dedicated herself to creating the most feminine garment-dress.

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