Enjoy your wild and happy summer with MIJEL designer dresses

This summer is dressed in white, decorated in lace and has interesting nautical accents in the new WILD SUMMER by MIJEL collection

It’s summer! Our most favorite time of the year, but this summer is not like the others, it is wilder, more filled with longing for freedom and joy of life, more than ever.

In front of you is the summer collection of MIJEL WILD SUMMER’20, in which the wild calls, dressed in stylish designer dresses , emphasizing timeless femininity. This impressive MIJEL boutique collection includes stylish and airy casual dresses , inspired by romantic sea sunsets, the beauty of nature, the desire to be free and to emphasize our femininity in a beautiful and very elegant way.

White has conquered the summer

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White is the color of summer 2020. It has gathered the shades of the entire color spectrum, it is a symbol of purity, innocence and unquestionable elegance. White symbolizes peace, freedom and bohemian carefreeness, all things we need this summer. The materials are ethereal, silky caressing the skin, very fine and airy, just like for summer.

Lace or floral?

The opulence of the fabrics is complemented by subtle, feminine accents. Lace is always present, it is still a trademark of MIJEL, but this summer the emphasis is also on 3D flowers, which “enlivened” the dresses and made them even more delicate and feminine.

Summer long dresses like a Goddess!

cherna-roklq-lqtna-dylga-efirna-ejednevna dylga-efektna-lqtna-feerichna-roklq-tynki-prezramki-svobodna-desen
As well as dresses with attractive, typical summer patterns, so subtle and gorgeous that they give you the air of a true summer goddess.
Opulence for the day, opulence for evening outings or formal occasions.

Dresses with the scent of the sea

Yes, the sea should be present as a highlight in every summer collection, because we all love it very much and it is a constant source of inspiration. Whether it will be in the form of a sailor stripe or a combination of blue shades in the dress depends on your taste and sense of style.

And a little more of the gorgeous nautical theme.

kysa-lqtna-roklq-t-shirt kysa-lqtan-roklq-t-shirt-blue-dress-summer-2020-trend

The luxury that never goes out of fashion

MIJEL’s most iconic models, the ethereal WHITE and BLUE LUX summer dresses , are huge favorites this summer too, and MIJEL has gone all out to reissue them. If you still don’t have at least one of these two dresses, hurry up to order because there are only a few of them left.

This year it was left to the wild, hot and free summer. You just radiate yourself with MIJEL!

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XS 86/90 58/62 88/92 60
S 88/92 62/66 92/96 61
M 90/94 66/70 96/100 62
L 92/96 70/74 100/104 63
XL 94/98 74/78 104/108 64

Мерките са приблизителни и служат за ориентир.

Дължината, ширината, обиколка на различните дрехи варират според модела, но са създадени да прилягат на тела с мерки, сходни на посочените в таблицата.