Current fashion trends for summer 2019 from MIJEL

Airy and multifunctional summer dresses rule the fashion this summer

Girls, we all love summer and look forward to it, right?!

One of the main reasons we yearn for summer so much is when we break out the airy, sexy summer dresses, show off tight bodies through soft fabrics and let summer gently touch the skin.

Yes, summer dresses are the ultimate bliss of summer because they wear both on the beach and at fun evening parties.

It is for you, the lover of summer dresses, that MIJEL created the MIJEL SUMMER 2019 collection. and established fashion trends that will dominate summer dresses this summer.

See what are the most current fashion trends in dresses this summer, and whether you choose a long or short summer dress, following these trends you will always be a fashion queen wherever you appear.

Her Majesty the lace

She’s always ruled the roost in the fashion realm, but this summer she’s downright authoritarian. Lace is very current as a separate top layer of dresses, and underneath there is a chiffon or cotton lining. It looks stylish, romantic, classic. Lace accents on dresses are especially relevant this summer. Lace creeps stylishly through the neckline, lace ruffles on the sleeves, strips of lace turn the back or go through the entire length of the dress. Even the perforated mesh material, also a super hit this summer, looks a lot like lace. Whether you’re going for an all-lace dress or subtle lace accents, remember that the success of your look is code-named LACE.

Stripes in navy colors


Summer navy white and blue are back to claim summer. Only this year they are back super trendy in fine vertical stripes, like a pattern made of extremely fine cotton fabric. The silhouettes with this white and blue stripe are classic, loose on the body, but also very feminine. Additional accents of lace and embroidered flowers add a touch of playfulness to the look.

Oriental style in the long dress

The beautiful Yasmin, the princess that Aladdin is in love with, seems to have created one of the fashion trends this summer. A long role created from a fine semi-transparent material in green, embossed with glittering stripes, falling freely on the body and revealing the hidden femininity of your silhouette. Or a majestic gown, like a goddess, accentuating delicate shoulders and back with soft tousled curls in electric blue-green.

The multifunctional little white dress

It is timeless, just like the little black dress. And just like her, it can be used for absolutely any occasion – from a daily walk in the park, to an official cocktail or other festive occasion. Only, unlike the little black dress, the white little dress is also gorgeous for the beach.

Soft to the touch, ethereal fabric and flower decoration, thin straps and bare back make it even more elegant, even sexier, even more classic.

Choose to follow the dress trends drawn by MIJEL and this summer will surely be your summer!!! You can’t afford not to be perfect!!!!

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