Current fashion trends for autumn-winter 2019 from Mijel

Here are visual dressing tricks that apply to your formal look as well as casual wear

When we talk about an autumn collection of dresses, we mean warm fabrics made of cotton, tricot or georgette in dark, pastel tones. MIJEL’s autumn-winter collection – “A girl in the City” makes a certain exception to this general rule. The basis of the concept is the dynamic and fast-paced urban everyday life. In the height of autumn, every city girl has a thousand tasks, and at the same time she is reincarnated in many social roles – a working girl in the office, a business lady on her way to a business meeting, an attractive girl who has gone out with friends in the evening, with a sporty look for a walk in the park or shopping…

Mijel’s fall collection is for girls who want to step into their various everyday roles with style, elegance and understated femininity, while at the same time feeling as comfortable as possible. That is why the A girl in the City collection includes several mini series in different styles of dresses and a diverse overall appearance.

Black Line Dresses

Long live the classic little black dress

The series includes three dresses inspired by the little black dress introduced to the world of fashion by the legendary Coco Chanel.

The dresses are distinguished by a deep black color, classic models, feminine silhouettes, but also with an original accent – such as curls of tulle, waves of white net or mysterious delicate lace on the edges of a dress with a polo collar. The materials are dense, warm, but at the same time fine and gentle to the touch.

The dresses from the line are suitable as casual ones, but combined with the right shoes and accessories, they can become a great outfit for formal occasions.

It is no coincidence that these are some of the most popular models from the MIJEL fall dress collection.

Thin Red Line Dresses

The fatal red in autumn version

Red toured in several fall models of dresses from MIJEL.

Probably the most typical fall dress is the red temptation of heavy-falling georgette with a straight silhouette and cut-out sleeves.

The dress creates a feeling of comfort, warmth and elegance, and can be worn both during the day and during an event with a “Cocktail” dress code requirement.

The two colored models of dresses with short sleeves are of the “tunic” type with an interesting pattern, and they are plain on the back. They are perfectly combined with both sports shoes and elegant ones with high heels.

Khaki and Daisy Dresses

Innovation in fall colors with khakis and florals

The color surprise in MIJEL dresses this fall is the use of the recently trending color “khaki”.

Two of the dresses in the series feature the color khaki in different variations. One model is a short fall dress with an interesting pattern in white with black and khaki stripes. The tiered pleated tulle sleeves are an impressive accent. The fabric is fine, but also suitable for cooler weather. The other model is a luxurious dress with khaki lace. The uniqueness of the dress lies in the fact that it is suitable both for everyday walks, in combination with wedges or sports shoes, and for formal occasions, in combination with high-heeled shoes.

The khaki series is complemented by an extremely feminine dress model with delicate white floral motifs on a black background. The material is knitted, comfortable, and the model falls freely on the body.

Classy Plaid Lux ​​Dress

What’s fall without a plaid dress?!

Black and white check is definitely the eternal fall classic for righties. Plaid in combination with a feminine model dress, with an accentuated waist and interesting accents such as an original brooch or lace sleeves, is probably the most characteristic autumn garment.

The series includes a little black dress with a checkered accent – an attractive brooch. The interesting thing about this dress model is the mysterious mesh sleeves that emphasize the feeling of delicate femininity.

T-shirt Dresses

Borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, but with feminine specifics, the shirt is a must-have in every lady’s wardrobe. MIJEL’s interpretation of it is in a completely new light – a “shirt” dress, delicately flowing and highlighting the most attractive parts of the female body.

These dresses with dynamic patterns can be defined as versatile as they are suitable for business meetings or for more informal occasions.

These are feminine and subtle dresses for a classic and incredibly stylish look that cannot go unnoticed.

Smile in White

Fresh and warm sports dresses in light shades

With the two dresses in fresh and light tones, every lady will stand out in the crowd. One dress mimics a knit fabric and features delicate lace accents for a soft look. The other dress is more sporty, but also has attractive accents – such as a sequined ribbon and an interesting pattern resembling an animal print.

The city girl, with a hectic daily life, who copes with all the daily tasks must look elegant and stylish all the time…MIJEL provokes every lady to be an urban fashion icon and with exceptional style this autumn. See for yourself! – see  HERE!

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