Be the prom queen! 2019 prom dress trends

Every year proms turn into a serious fashion catwalk. Influenced by the latest global fashion trends, prom dresses always define the overall fashion line in formal wear for the season

Well, prom dresses for 2019 are no exception this year. are influenced by haute couture trends dictated by the great luminaries in fashion design for the spring/summer season.

Dear graduating girls! Are you curious to see what the global fashion trends in prom dresses are for 2019?

Well, we’ve prepared some serious jokers for you on what outfit to choose for your prom so that you’re super trendy and exude impeccable style.

You decide which of the trends you will follow!

Long dress with slit

The timeless red carpet classic is now more broken than ever. You will always be on the right track if you choose the long dress with a deep slit. This dress exudes elegance, sexiness and femininity. In the trends for 2019 there is relative freedom about the pattern of the long slit dress. You can also bet on a clean model – a tight-fitting dress in a classic color with a deep neckline and slit.

Or you can choose a looser model with a loose cut, which will give you the look of a modern princess.

Her Majesty the lace

There are years when lace is out of fashion, but 2019 is not one of them. In fact, lace is back in full force to emphasize sensuality and the delicate feminine essence.

This year, however, the lace is more and more colorful or is combined with a flesh color that emphasizes it and enhances the sense of sensuality.

Mixing materials

The hit we see from the catwalks is carried over to prom dresses. When it comes to materials, the classics give way to experiments to turn the dress into an enchanting fusion of different materials, decorations, sensations…

This season, the combination of sequins with organza, cotton or lace will turn the dresses into a real sensory explosion.

Female pin up models

Girls, fasten your seat belts! We’re very much back to the 50s for a bit, but without the bright red and polka dots. Think of those super-feminine dresses of the era that accentuated the grace of the shoulders with delicate straps, the beauty of the breasts with lifting cups, the slim waist through the narrowed silhouette of the dress and left the imagination with the playful, cut-out bottom. The emphasis is not on the color, but on the feminine cut and fabric. All kinds of fabrics are allowed, even the amazing organza.

Divine…and modern because this time the colors are classic.

Lace top and fabulous stretch chiffon bottom

Terribly relevant for 2019. is the combination of an elastic lace upper part of the dress, which delicately hints at the shape of the bust and creates the feeling of transparency, and a chiffon lower part, flowing freely on the body like a fairy extravaganza. Whether you choose a long or short dress, the chiffon lace rule will get you many admiring glances. Especially if there are lace curls in the bust area. Isn’t it fabulous?!

Classic colors, but also bright color models for the non-standard

When we talk about the colors of the ball gowns for 2019. both the classic colors black and white, as well as some colors from the bright palette of nature, such as mint green, sea and sky blue, challenge their greatness.

If you’re more of an artistic nature, you’ll definitely want to stand out at the prom with a more pop-colored dress, and we highly recommend these shades of green and blue.

Body wrap net

Yes, not only lace is fashionable this year. The mesh material is a super hit. Hugging the body, it creates the feeling of implied sexiness. Especially relevant are the “nets” in classic black and white, combined with a delicate cotton lining in flesh color.

The dress is a jewel

Do you remember those gorgeous dresses that the stars wear and they say “it’s covered in so many diamonds and gold threads and rubies” and the dress itself is a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Here are such dresses that will be super fashionable at the balls in 2019. And this is our proposal for a dress – a jewel made of fine, shimmering

elements and Swarovski crystals.

See the Secret Garden Special Edition collection HERE , created according to the latest global fashion trends and choose your dress.

For information and individual consultation, phone 089 791 5571.

Be the queen of the ball, who, like a Hollywood star, takes the breath away of the people gathered around the red carpet!

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