About Mijel

MIJEL is a Bulgarian fashion brand dedicated to the creation of unique designer dresses with a characteristic style and recognizable handwriting, as the models are made from the highest quality materials and elements.

How did it all start?

MIJEL appeared on the Bulgarian market 4 years ago, with the idea that through her way of dressing, a woman should radiate confidence and style, and her clothes should emphasize her individual beauty, accentuate her specific radiance.

In 2019, MIJEL became the only fashion brand in Bulgaria that creates only dresses. This is the most feminine garment: it gives every lady the opportunity to emphasize her femininity! Every MIJEL brand dress instantly becomes a favorite because, apart from being endlessly beautiful, it is designed and created to be comfortable, so that its owner can feel comfortable at every moment wearing it.

MIJEL Mission

We, the MIJEL team , are united around the basic idea that every lady deserves to have at least one beautiful designer dress in her wardrobe that contributes to her confident and feminine look and beauty, making her feel irresistible and above all extremely SPECIAL . At the same time, we believe that this dress should be high quality and affordable. 

MIJEL Principles

At any moment, fulfilling our mission, we are guided by 5 basic principles, which we follow unconditionally!

  • Femininity;

Every MIJEL dress model elevates the unique femininity of every lady into a cult and aims to highlight the most beautiful in her;

  • Uniqueness;

MIJEL creates small series of unique models that are rarely made again, because we are inspired by the uniqueness of the woman, we want each dress to be as unique as its owner;

  • Quality;

Our priority is the use of high-class materials and elements! Quality is something we never compromise on! The materials with which we create our models are of high quality, gentle and fine, which is immediately apparent from the silhouette of each of our dresses. 

  • Attention to detail;

We truly believe that the detail makes the dress what it is. One detail can change the overall look of the dress and become a stunning accent that captures the attention. That’s why we carefully work on every single detail: to be precisely selected and planned so as to add to the dress that final note of perfection and completion.

  • Accessibility

Yes, every lady deserves such a dress, she deserves to touch the magic of the dress called MIJEL , that’s why we offer our unique designer models at affordable prices.

MIJEL Vision

We at MIJEL believe that we succeed in creating fashion that makes women feel confident, beautiful, unique and special and we will continue to do so with ever greater passion. For us, a dress is not just a garment, it is an exciting emotion to be experienced, we are dedicated to it!

With love: The MIJEL team